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Further stories of the old ones, coming to DVD Spring 2016

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Here is the most recent trailer for the film from November 2015:

Here is the 2nd trailer for the film:

Follow this link to see the music promo for 'The Dreaming' by Eleanore and the Lost, whose music will feature in 'Dreaming the Dream'


In Spring 2014 we ran a Sponsume crowd funding campaign to help offset some of the shooting costs and, although this is now closed there is still the opportunity to help us. There are costs involved in post production so we are carrying over the rewards from the campaign to our website if you wish to pre-buy the DVD and become a backer of the film.

The rewards will be as follows:
£25 or more : A ‘Friend of’ credit on the finished film and pre-ordered copy of the DVD.

£50 or more : as above, plus a ‘Making of’ e-book and PDF copy of the shooting scripts. 

£75 or more : as above plus a rather fetching canvas bag with the logo of the film on it. 

£100 or more : As above, plus signed, printed copy of the shooting scripts with all the script supervisor notes scribbled on plus director's doodles & an A3 poster signed by principal cast and crew.