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09 - Jack O'Lantern

Jack O' Lantern is a 9th, bonus Tale that is not part of the main film but released separately as a 'teaser'.

To watch the film, click here: Jack O'Lantern - the film


Jack – Mark Bellchambers

Devil – Damien DeRoche

Niamh – Lisa Ray

Seamus – Geoff Dartnell

Angel – Jerrard Moore

Mother – Joanna Selby

Children – Robin and George Selby


Written, Filmed and Directed by – Gary Andrews

Produced – Egotrip Media Ltd

Editor – Joy Andrews

Script supervisor – Dodie Browne

Make-up – Lucy Claire Brennan (prosthetics), Sam Lewis

Grips/crew – Al Piddington. Pete Russell

Stills – Al Piddington, Lucy Claire Brennan



Opening song – 'Cider Haze' by Julie Carter

incidental music and end credits by Mike Smith of Dragonsong Music



Archway Theatre for costumes

Simon Trussell

Chris and Christine Butler

Josie Anne & Dean Bedggood