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02 - The Noon of the Solstice

The second Tale is 'The Noon of the Solstice' - a tale of Oak and Holly

Written by Gary Andrews, from an original screenplay by Chris Tinniswood

Based on the song by Damh the Bard

A girl takes 3 children for a walk on the woods on the summer solstice, where she conjures up a story of knights and duels, warriors and gods.

CAST (in order of speaking)

Stressed Girl – Flossie Joseph

Annie – Ella Sowton

Jacko– Jacko Stone

Lucy – Lucy Pigeon

Lily – Lily Andrews

Marshall – Marcus Pollett

Dark Man – Wayne De Strete

Fair Man – Aaron De Strete

Seconds – Ben Andrew  & James Farnes

Lady – Alex Sadler


Cameras – Gary Andrews and Wayne Avanson

Oak and Holly King armour -  Martin Winkles

Other costumes by Harveys of Hove & The Archway Theatre, Horley

Fight arranger – Wayne De Strete