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05 - The Spirit of the Greenwood

The fifth tale is 'Spirit of the Greenwood' - a look at the Horned God through the ages.

Screenplay by Gary Andrews - Inspired by ‘The Horned God: an unofficial biography’ by Damh the Bard

From a Neolithic cave to the streets of modern London, the epic story of the Horned God in all his incarnations.


Horned God – Seán Francis George

Greek Maidens - Rebecca Ferdowsian, Carys Harper

Greek Boy  - Nick Merrick

Pan – Adam Ford

The Lady of the Land – Rebecca Warnett

Guinevere – Tracey Carvill

Morgan le Fay – Julie Carter

Merlin - Gary Andrews

Nimue - Carley Anne Smith

Mordred – Tom J. Paul

Lady Marion – Naomi Rachel Gibbs

WW2 British Soldier – Craig Appleton

WW2 British Officer – Tim Richardson


Camera - Wayne Avanson & Gary Andrews

2nd unit director – Joy Tinniswood

Lead Make-up – Lucy Claire Brennan

Assistant Make-up - Stella Victoria Firman 


Horned God – Sean George

Morgan le Fay – Julie Carter

Guenevere - Kestrel Newbould

Large Antler rig – Dugg Daynes

Special thanks to Terry English for additional armour

Fight Arrangement – Sean George & Gary Andrews

Pan's leg appliance - Area 51