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01 - The Washer at the Ford

The first Tale is 'The Washer by the Ford', a story of the Morrighan.
screenplay by Gary Andrews

David, a British soldier is posted to Afghanistan where he meets a woman. She tells him a tale of ancient Gods, battles and prophecies, with a shattering conclusion.

MAIN CAST (in order of appearance):

David – Dan Woods

George – James Abbott

Soldier – Darren Pillar

Morrighan – Joanne Marriott

Babd – Lisa Carrodus

Macha – Kristen Jones

Daghda – Kester Reece Longhurst

Cu Chulainn –  Matt Henry

Cathbad –Mark Bellchambers

Army patrol - Wayne De Strete, Aaron De Strete

George’s friends – Hannah Cutting, Elodie Bass

George’s parents – Carol Hall, Philip Mills


Cameras – Gary Andrews and Wayne Avanson

Celtic battle 2nd camera - Matt Prior

Celtic Battle special physical effects – Ben Phillips

Celtic Battle Asst SFX -  Andrew Boot


Morrighan and Babd - Joanne Marriott,

Macha - Kristen Jones

Modern Military uniforms – Harvey’s of Hove

Special thanks to Terry English for additional armour